Roses and Rainbows

Well I have been a slave to a 6 page author report for the past week but I am finally alive again. And I even took the time in between all the writing and annotating and reading to make you a playlist. I'm great.
No but really it's a pretty awesome playlist full of Los Angeles awesomeness. It's awesome. I feel like I should say awesome again. Ok there we go.
Listen to it. Enjoy it. And happy fucking thanksgiving break finally!


A new kind of family

I owe most of my taste in movies and music and television and style to my dad. Which sounds weird, but he is one of the coolest people I know.
When I was little we used to watch old tv shows together that were his favorites when he was a kid. Shows like The Adams Family, Green Acres, Leave it to Beaver, That girl. Some pretty awesome stuff.

My favorites were always the super 70's shows, the ones my dad watched when he was a teenager. The best of them all was The Partridge Family. It goes back to my obsession of LA in the 60's and 70's. The show was about a family who "had a dream" and "go travelin' together" as they say in their annoying but perfect theme song C'mon get Happy. were all in a band together, or in my eyes, the coolest family in the entire world.
Not only were their songs amazing, but I always loved their outfits/house/lifestyle. It was the coolest thing ever. And obviously I had a humongous crush on heart throb, David Cassidy ( feather haired, 70's cassidy ofcourse).
Look what a bad ass he is in this video, also my favorite song of theirs. I mean what other band do you know that can stop a group of angry protesters with their perfect music huh!?

But David wasn't the only one I had a crush on, I had a huge girl crush on Susan Dey. She played Laurie Partridge and I thought she was the coolest, prettiest girl ever. Which she might just be.

But I wasn't the only one who thought so. She was everywhere around the time of the show, including several catalogs and magazine ads. These are my favorites.

I've been editing a lot of my pictures with that dreamy 70's glow lately, and was reminded about how awesome and 70's and great this show was.

They even had their own collecting cards.


Velvet Fever

So I've always loved velvet, but lately that normal love has grown into a full blown obsession. I want to get my hands on anything and everything velvet, whether it's socks, skirts, dresses, overalls you name it, I've drooled over it.
I already own brown velvet alexa chung shorts, blue velvet pants, a velvet sleeved madewell top, navy blue velvet blazer, and velvet wedges, but I refuse to stop there.
I've been watching old family videos from late 90s to early 2000s and I realized how rad I was as a child and how many outfits I wish I still could fit into/own at all. I came across one where I was wearing a little camisole dress and this image of Siri Cruise reminded me of it (yes I do get fashion inspiration from a 5 year old) (and yes she does have her own fashion fan blog right here)(YOURE WELCOME).

Then I was reminded of the dress in My Date With The President's Daughter, (the disney channel original movie circa 1998) that Hallie tries on before they skip going to a school dance and go to that crazy dance club "Club Alien" instead. Just a couple 16 year olds being crazy and running away from the secret service. But back to the dress.

She even has an awesome matching pink butterfly necklace.

This girl was kinda cool too.

Here are some of the velvet items I have spent hours finding/loving/wanting with all my heart:


Little Obsessions

Whatever you're doing right now, stop doing it and fall in love for a few seconds with this amazing woman.

Theresa Himmer is a Danish artist/architect who is inspired by the "physical and cultural environment surrounding her" and is trying to get people's attention with her amazingly beautiful, thought provoking installations, but to me she seems more like magic.
She created The Mountain Series while in Iceland after being immersed in Icelandic nature and culture. She uses the sequins to point out the natural vs. the artificial which is emphasized when contrasted with the urban landscape.

Plus-look how pretty.

And one of the best parts is that she went to SVA in new york where my brother, Colin, goes. Ok maybe that's not the best part for you but I thought it was pretty cool. Please do yourself a favor and learn more about this amazing human.


Halloween Highlights

Well Halloween is already tomorrow which is weird and crazy and it feels like it came so fast. I've been making myself get into the good old spooky halloween spirit. I've worked so hard at eating candy and watching movies and looking at cool pictures of me in old halloween costumes, it was really tiring I do so much. Look I even made you a collage to show my spirit.

But seriously I did come across some cool old photos of kids in their halloween costumes, their almost as cool as all the girls I saw last night wearing bras and underwear pretending to be dressed up. They all looked so cute and creative, one of them even put flowers on her underwear and bra and flashed the peace sign for some group pictures, I literally felt like I was in the 60's.
Ok back to real costumes:


If your going to San Francisco...

I've been wanting to make some flower crowns for a while now, and yesterday after finishing my daisy chains, I decided to go out and get some supplies. Coincidentally I went on rookie mag today (aka one of my favorite things that I also hate because I feel like their in my head) and they had posted a diy on flower crowns, very strange indeed. But it couldn't have been better timing, I'm even more motivated to make them now.
Oh and I also received my Alexa Chung zine today (yay!) as you can see in the picture above (kinda). Wait, did I just say yay? Anyway, I'm excited to get started on my crowns and I will be taking pictures as I go, so there will be a full post on them coming soon. I hope you had a good monday everyone.

And while your waiting, here are some pictures that have been giving me inspiration:

Sources: Meadham Kirchhoff and Petra Collins


She was the still point of the turning world

Some things I like to look at.


Life Is Life

This may be extremely late, but I saw this music video for Noah And The Whale's song, Life is Life, a while back and I've been meaning to share it since.
There's so many things to love about this video, especially the fact that it looks exactly like (and may just be) the town I've grown up/live in. Not to mention the colors; red, white, and blue, are some of my favorite colors together, which is odd considering how unpatriotic I am. But it's a different type of red white and blue from the bald eagle, american flag, hot dog loving type. No, this combination is much different, the video is minimal and beautiful and full of teenage/suburban angst.

Also it's hard not to love a peter pan collar blouse and red skirt paired with knee highs and oxfords. I've also always been slightly jealous of cheerleaders for the adorable outfits they get to wear, but the school spirit and coordination thing ruined that dream for me.
Anyway enough rambling, watch it and enjoy.

Couldn't you forget about being a cool teenager just for one night?

Well halloween is just around the corner and I've been feeling the spooky, candy-filled, witch crafty halloween spirit a lot lately. Look I even made you a collage to show my spirit. I can be cool too.
But, other than candy and collages, halloween movies might be my favorite part of this holiday. I'm a baby so most of the ones I watch aren't gory horror movies filled with axes and screaming girls, but they are filled with witches and cute clothes which is fun too right?
Right, so here are some of my favorites:

The Craft

Hocus Pocus

If you didn't have a crush on Max as a kid then there was something very wrong with you.


Memory Break

I'm currently cramming for a test tomorrow on a book I haven't read yet. I ignored it for weeks, so as always I've barely gotten anything done and keep getting distracted (clearly), but one of my distractions was too cool to not post about. I was going through my brothers old movies from when we were little and I found an awesome movie that me and my two brothers made one night that I have no recollection of but it's awesome.

Let's start with talking about how awesome I was, I think I was like 5 here which means it was either 1999 or 2000, either way I look like a bad ass, wearing an awesome flowery barbie shirt over a long sleeved floral shirt. I wish I still had that oufit, maybe I would still look this cool splashing water on my face if I did.

That computer was the best, so is that desktop.

The movie got pretty intense when colin was found dead for some reason.

But it's ok because someone else comes back to take his place as a detective and we get to catch a glimpse of his room at the time, too cool for words.

This has to be my favorite scene though, when we randomly end up in an elevator/my shower. I got yelled at a few times for looking at the camera.

Anyway you probably won't think this is as cool as I do, but at least I got distracted from my homework for a little while.


Something Pretty

Mondays suck. Here are some pretty things that will hopefully brighten it up a bit. xx

Storia d amore

My apologies for being so absent lately, school and life have just been very hectic.

But I absolutely had to take a second to share a video I came across, that is so overwhelmingly beautiful that it would be a crime not to.

It's entitled Storia d amore and it's directed by Kalle Gustafsson. I can't get over the gorgeous shots/people/music. It's definitely worth watching. xxx

Storia d´amore from NEWNEW by Fashion Tale on Vimeo.


Those Dancing Days

I absolutely love finding out about new bands. One of the most recent ones I have discovered is an all girl band called Those Dancing Days. All 5 girls are from Stockholm and are some of the raddest girls I have ever seen. Their music is a mix between Northern Soul and 1960's era girl groups. I absolutely love their upbeat music, it's nice when you can listen to a song that just makes you feel happy, and that's what these girls do.
And if that isn't reason enough to love them, Belle and Sebastion (If you don't know who that is go fix that right now) personally chose them to perform with them at a festival last year in the UK.
They are almost too good to be true.

This may also be the most adorable video ever.


Little Joys

The band Little Joy, is absolutely amazing, but that goes without saying. But, in this post I'm not here to talk about their soothingly perfect music, I want to talk about their lead singer, Binki Shapiro.

Not only is Binki extremely talented and beautiful, not to mention the girlfriend of Fabrizio Moretti ( the almost too adorable drummer of The Strokes and ofcourse Little Joy) but she is also one of the raddest/most stylish girls I've ever come across. From the messy blonde hair, to every seemingly effortless outfit, I just can't get over how great she is. And to top it all of she's a fellow cali girl (LA infact), born and raised.
I am just obsessed with everything about her.

Oh and this video is to cute not to share.

Happy Tuesday readers. goodnight