Those Dancing Days

I absolutely love finding out about new bands. One of the most recent ones I have discovered is an all girl band called Those Dancing Days. All 5 girls are from Stockholm and are some of the raddest girls I have ever seen. Their music is a mix between Northern Soul and 1960's era girl groups. I absolutely love their upbeat music, it's nice when you can listen to a song that just makes you feel happy, and that's what these girls do.
And if that isn't reason enough to love them, Belle and Sebastion (If you don't know who that is go fix that right now) personally chose them to perform with them at a festival last year in the UK.
They are almost too good to be true.

This may also be the most adorable video ever.


Little Joys

The band Little Joy, is absolutely amazing, but that goes without saying. But, in this post I'm not here to talk about their soothingly perfect music, I want to talk about their lead singer, Binki Shapiro.

Not only is Binki extremely talented and beautiful, not to mention the girlfriend of Fabrizio Moretti ( the almost too adorable drummer of The Strokes and ofcourse Little Joy) but she is also one of the raddest/most stylish girls I've ever come across. From the messy blonde hair, to every seemingly effortless outfit, I just can't get over how great she is. And to top it all of she's a fellow cali girl (LA infact), born and raised.
I am just obsessed with everything about her.

Oh and this video is to cute not to share.

Happy Tuesday readers. goodnight


Rolling Records

Just when you think Jack White can't get any cooler, he goes and invents a rolling records store.
He believes something needs to be changed about the 97% of kids today who have never set foot in a record store.

You can see more about it here //
Keep the rad ideas coming Jack.

Scenes from the Suburbs

The new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, is obviously not unknown. In fact, it unexpectedly (but completely deservingly) won album of the year this year at the Grammys. The lyrics are so real, and relatable, that it's sometimes hard to fathom that it wasn't written about you're own life.

Spike Jones did a pretty amazing job in my opinion of capturing the feel of the album in the video for the song The Suburbs, which ends up being more than just a simple story about growing up in The Suburbs. According to Pitchfork, the music video is a preview of a 30 minute short entitled Scenes from the Suburbs making it's debut with 4 screenings at the Berlin Film Festival.

Here's the music video for The Suburbs. I have a feeling you might just be as excited for the entire short as I am after watching it.


New Beats//Toro Y Moi//James Blake

So Toro Y Moi has been pretty well known for a little while now. Not only is he extremely stylish and adorable but he is also one of the most beautiful musicians I've ever heard.

He is beyond talented, and his mystical, 80's like beats are very well suited for winter time.
Especially in this video (for the song New Beat) which is semi new. Not only is it an amazing song, but the video itself is absolutely stunning. Take a look

You should also check out this remix of French by Tyler the Creator(member of ofwgkta)

Speaking of adorable talented artists, if you haven't already heard of James Blake you are deeply, deeply deprived.

James Blake creates songs full of soulful melodies, accomponied by his hauntingly beautiful voice. I can thank Colin and Nat for this blessing.
Listen. and listen again. enjoy

Camera Happy

Can we all please just take a moment to admire how fucking adorable these jason schwartzman/ kirsten dunst pictures are.



So if you weren't already aware the highly anticipated Strokes album, Angles (they're fourth, and hopefully not final album), is only 12 days 20 hours 33 minutes and roughly 23 seconds, away. If you couldn't already tell by the obsessively accurate countdown, I am a huge fan.

The band has been posting some videos recently of them in the studio, and they are pretty darn cute/awesome/perfect. So take a look for yourself.

Part 1

Part 2

and Part 3

Tuesday Finds

Thought I'd share some images that caught my eye today.

Brotherly love

Danny never seizes to amaze me with his movies.

Oblique from Daniel Smight on Vimeo.


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