Life Is Life

This may be extremely late, but I saw this music video for Noah And The Whale's song, Life is Life, a while back and I've been meaning to share it since.
There's so many things to love about this video, especially the fact that it looks exactly like (and may just be) the town I've grown up/live in. Not to mention the colors; red, white, and blue, are some of my favorite colors together, which is odd considering how unpatriotic I am. But it's a different type of red white and blue from the bald eagle, american flag, hot dog loving type. No, this combination is much different, the video is minimal and beautiful and full of teenage/suburban angst.

Also it's hard not to love a peter pan collar blouse and red skirt paired with knee highs and oxfords. I've also always been slightly jealous of cheerleaders for the adorable outfits they get to wear, but the school spirit and coordination thing ruined that dream for me.
Anyway enough rambling, watch it and enjoy.

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