Velvet Fever

So I've always loved velvet, but lately that normal love has grown into a full blown obsession. I want to get my hands on anything and everything velvet, whether it's socks, skirts, dresses, overalls you name it, I've drooled over it.
I already own brown velvet alexa chung shorts, blue velvet pants, a velvet sleeved madewell top, navy blue velvet blazer, and velvet wedges, but I refuse to stop there.
I've been watching old family videos from late 90s to early 2000s and I realized how rad I was as a child and how many outfits I wish I still could fit into/own at all. I came across one where I was wearing a little camisole dress and this image of Siri Cruise reminded me of it (yes I do get fashion inspiration from a 5 year old) (and yes she does have her own fashion fan blog right here)(YOURE WELCOME).

Then I was reminded of the dress in My Date With The President's Daughter, (the disney channel original movie circa 1998) that Hallie tries on before they skip going to a school dance and go to that crazy dance club "Club Alien" instead. Just a couple 16 year olds being crazy and running away from the secret service. But back to the dress.

She even has an awesome matching pink butterfly necklace.

This girl was kinda cool too.

Here are some of the velvet items I have spent hours finding/loving/wanting with all my heart:

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