If your going to San Francisco...

I've been wanting to make some flower crowns for a while now, and yesterday after finishing my daisy chains, I decided to go out and get some supplies. Coincidentally I went on rookie mag today (aka one of my favorite things that I also hate because I feel like their in my head) and they had posted a diy on flower crowns, very strange indeed. But it couldn't have been better timing, I'm even more motivated to make them now.
Oh and I also received my Alexa Chung zine today (yay!) as you can see in the picture above (kinda). Wait, did I just say yay? Anyway, I'm excited to get started on my crowns and I will be taking pictures as I go, so there will be a full post on them coming soon. I hope you had a good monday everyone.

And while your waiting, here are some pictures that have been giving me inspiration:

Sources: Meadham Kirchhoff and Petra Collins

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