Memory Break

I'm currently cramming for a test tomorrow on a book I haven't read yet. I ignored it for weeks, so as always I've barely gotten anything done and keep getting distracted (clearly), but one of my distractions was too cool to not post about. I was going through my brothers old movies from when we were little and I found an awesome movie that me and my two brothers made one night that I have no recollection of but it's awesome.

Let's start with talking about how awesome I was, I think I was like 5 here which means it was either 1999 or 2000, either way I look like a bad ass, wearing an awesome flowery barbie shirt over a long sleeved floral shirt. I wish I still had that oufit, maybe I would still look this cool splashing water on my face if I did.

That computer was the best, so is that desktop.

The movie got pretty intense when colin was found dead for some reason.

But it's ok because someone else comes back to take his place as a detective and we get to catch a glimpse of his room at the time, too cool for words.

This has to be my favorite scene though, when we randomly end up in an elevator/my shower. I got yelled at a few times for looking at the camera.

Anyway you probably won't think this is as cool as I do, but at least I got distracted from my homework for a little while.

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