Little Joys

The band Little Joy, is absolutely amazing, but that goes without saying. But, in this post I'm not here to talk about their soothingly perfect music, I want to talk about their lead singer, Binki Shapiro.

Not only is Binki extremely talented and beautiful, not to mention the girlfriend of Fabrizio Moretti ( the almost too adorable drummer of The Strokes and ofcourse Little Joy) but she is also one of the raddest/most stylish girls I've ever come across. From the messy blonde hair, to every seemingly effortless outfit, I just can't get over how great she is. And to top it all of she's a fellow cali girl (LA infact), born and raised.
I am just obsessed with everything about her.

Oh and this video is to cute not to share.

Happy Tuesday readers. goodnight

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