Scenes from the Suburbs

The new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, is obviously not unknown. In fact, it unexpectedly (but completely deservingly) won album of the year this year at the Grammys. The lyrics are so real, and relatable, that it's sometimes hard to fathom that it wasn't written about you're own life.

Spike Jones did a pretty amazing job in my opinion of capturing the feel of the album in the video for the song The Suburbs, which ends up being more than just a simple story about growing up in The Suburbs. According to Pitchfork, the music video is a preview of a 30 minute short entitled Scenes from the Suburbs making it's debut with 4 screenings at the Berlin Film Festival.

Here's the music video for The Suburbs. I have a feeling you might just be as excited for the entire short as I am after watching it.

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