New Beats//Toro Y Moi//James Blake

So Toro Y Moi has been pretty well known for a little while now. Not only is he extremely stylish and adorable but he is also one of the most beautiful musicians I've ever heard.

He is beyond talented, and his mystical, 80's like beats are very well suited for winter time.
Especially in this video (for the song New Beat) which is semi new. Not only is it an amazing song, but the video itself is absolutely stunning. Take a look

You should also check out this remix of French by Tyler the Creator(member of ofwgkta)

Speaking of adorable talented artists, if you haven't already heard of James Blake you are deeply, deeply deprived.

James Blake creates songs full of soulful melodies, accomponied by his hauntingly beautiful voice. I can thank Colin and Nat for this blessing.
Listen. and listen again. enjoy

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