Everything and a little bit more

Hi I haven't posted on here in a very long time so I figured it would be easier to just let everything out into one long post.
I'm not really sure where to begin so let's start with Moonrise Kingdom because I can't get it off my mind.

I'm sure you have already seen the trailer a million times, which would be perfectly normal because I can't stop watching it either, but I still felt the need to post about it and figure out why I'm so obsessed.

I don't understand why life can't be as perfect as a Wes Anderson movie. Or more specifically this Wes Anderson movie. Can't we just all agree to dress in amazing 60's attire and listen to records on the beach in our underwear and go jumping off cliffs??
But really I can't stop watching this trailer and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Also my computer might just crash from the excessive amounts of screencaps I've taken of the trailer.

I know everyone gives Wes Anderson shit for all of his movies looking similar, but thats the point isn't it? WHY MESS WITH ALL THIS PERFECTION?

LOOK AT ALL THE GREASERS IN THE BACKGROUND. It's so perfect it hurts, really.

Also can we talk about her dresses? Who wouldn't want to go on adventures in beautiful 60's collared dresses with knee highs and saddle shoes.

Just when I think it can't get any better Jason Schwartzman (AKA THE LOVE OF MY LIFE) appears.

The trailer reminded me a lot of the french film Pierrot le fou, a french film from 1965. It's full of Adventures and running away and sandy shores and beautiful 60's tints and relationships that involve basically just being silent and looking awesome with a few phrases thrown in here and there. Another thing I wish was possible in real life, being silent and cool, too bad I guess I'll just go eat some more pizza and cry about being alone. Mmm pizza sounds good. Oh plus Anna Karina is the coolest thing ever and has a style very similar to THE YOUNG BEAUT in Moonrise Kingdom.

Sorry for suffocating you with so many screencaps but their all so pretty it's impossible to delete any. Well it's possible but I don't want to ok?
Ok back to Moonrise Kingdom. I was looking at Wes Anderson's top 10 criterion films and there's another movie on there that probably served as inspiration for Moonrise Kingdom. It's called L'encfance nue, another 60's french film. It's about foster children in France, but focuses on one boy and it's about him running away and being a rebel and it's pretty great.